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sander nuwolt

located in tilburg, born the 7th of december 1997 in amsterdam. a frisian boy who loved to dance, has now grown up to become a man who has turned his passion into his profession.

after many years of being a student at amateur dance schools and after that completing my hbo ba in dance at the lucia marthas institute for performing arts, i now have my own company. i've been teaching for multiple years now and after moving to my now current address, i felt like it was time to settle down and broaden my horizons. which means 'sander in de klas' has fully taken flight, yet without losing sight of my other passions (other than teaching), which are performing (dancing, acting, singing and scare acting) and creating (illustrating and writing).

and that's where we are today: 'sander in de klas' and 'sander nuwolt', both of my companies now merging into 1 and why not? at 'sander in de klas' you will be able to maintain your many years of dancing through workshops, even if you're a professional dancer like myself, as well as taking your first ever dance class. and for those who like to see me on a stage, want to commission me for illustrative purposes or want to order my colouring books and pages, you can still do so.

'sander in de klas' offers all types of dance, performance, choreography and talk workshops to schools, businesses and other occasions. you bring the location, i bring the moves. you bring the people, i bring the passion. because, at 'sander in de klas' passion and compassion are key!

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