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dance & performance

teaching jobs: dance centre faya (2020-2023), ucdance (2022) and maxstudios (2020-2022).

performance jobs: attractiepark toverland (2022-now), attractiepark slagharen (2023-now) horror zone (2022-now), magus utopia (2018-2019), stage entertainment (2008-2009), lucia marthas institute for performing arts (2016-2020), it figures (2019), wink events (2022-now), the graywood curse (2023), musical project (SOON IN 2024).

(co-)creator/choreographer: it figures (2019), musical project (SOON IN 2024).

illustrative creations

i create logos, youtube banners, e-book covers, portraits, character designs, d&d maps and digital wallpapers. other than that, i also write: how to summon a demon (wattpad) and waverton's wives' tales (wattpad).

in this portfolio you will be able to find what i might be able to offer to you in regards to illustrations and such.

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