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my experiences

dancing - scare acting - writing - acting - singing - teaching



dancing, acting and singing

Ciske de Rat de musical (2008-2009); LMIPA eindvoorstellingen (2016-2020); It Figures; Toverland performer (2022-now).


allround dance teacher

Dance Centre Faya! (2020-2023)*; MaxStudios (2020-2022)**; UCDance (2022)***.

* femme urban, hiphop, commercial, modern jazz, demo crew, ballet and kids dance

** femme urban, modern jazz and ballet

*** commercial

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scare acting and illusionism

Magus Utopia (2018-2019)*; Toverland (2021-now)**; Horror Zone (2022-now)***.

* Love After Death, Immortality and Tú Sí Que Vales

** Fiesta de los Muertos, Witches Forest, Cirque, Maison de la Magie, Shadows of the Sea, Morgana's Frozen Nights and Dollhouse

*** The Meat Factory and The Cells


writing and character design

The Story of Samuel (e-book); DND campaigns.

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