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sander in de klas

'sander in class' is a way to reconnect with or get to know the world of dance, music and creativity for students, young and old, via workshops. 'sander in class' can, of course, also be transformed into 'sander at work' and other versions. feel free to contact me for more information and possibilities!

prices start from 30 euros p.h. depending on the workshop, group and time.

kids dance (6 - 12 years old)

teens and adults (12+ years old)


other services

need help with any project that involves dancing or anything musical related? feel free to contact me, for i would love help!

not a student, principle or teacher? no worries! anyone can learn to dance! if you would like to surprise your employees or any other occasion? dm or mail me for all the possibilities!

- please take note that all workshops will be held at a location you are able to host in (for i am situated in any studio or such at the moment). music and such will be arranged by me, of course, so no need to worry about that too! -

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